Parimatch Payment Methods

Contemplating the idea of creating a Parimatch betting account but uncertain about the available payment methods?

Have confidence, as Parimatch, one of the leading UK betting platforms, provides a range of payment and withdrawal choices to accommodate a wide array of preferences.

Continue perusing this article to uncover further insights into the assorted payment platforms currently embraced by Parimatch.

How do I withdraw money from Parimatch?

To initiate a withdrawal on the Parimatch platform, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Parimatch account.
  2. Click on the profile icon located within the personal settings.
  3. Opt for the “Withdraw” option.
  4. Pick your preferred withdrawal method.
  5. Input the desired withdrawal amount.

Generally, Parimatch will refund your funds using the same banking method employed for the deposit.

Why can’t I withdraw my funds from Parimatch?

If you encounter difficulties withdrawing funds from Parimatch, it is possible that your account has not undergone full verification.

If you are uncertain about the verification status of your account, you can verify it by visiting their verification page.

Several factors can lead to withdrawal issues with Parimatch, which include:

  • Insufficient verification of your account, which requires the submission of all necessary identification documents.
  • Attempting a withdrawal of less than £5.
  • Requesting a withdrawal exceeding £25,000.
  • Unmet bonus requirements.
  • A weak Internet connection.
  • Technical problems with your computer.

How do I deposit money into Parimatch?

Parimatch offers a variety of payment methods for your convenience. To initiate a deposit, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign in to your Parimatch account.
  2. Navigate to the player’s account section and access the Deposit tab.
  3. Choose your preferred payment method.
  4. Indicate the desired deposit amount.
  5. Confirm the deposit by clicking the Deposit button once more.
  6. Your instant deposit will then be processed.

It’s important to note that your Parimatch account can store a maximum of 5 debit cards. If you wish to add a new card, you may need to remove one of your existing cards.

What is the Parimatch maximum payout limit on a single bet?

The maximum payouts to one customer on any given day for a specific sport are capped at 500k with Parimatch.

Parimatch PayPal

Parimatch Max Payout is £500k
Parimatch Maximum Payout

The maximum payout is £500k at Parimatch for top tier football and class 1 horse racing. Maximum payouts cap the amount you can win on a single bet. The max payouts vary depending on the sport and market, check the terms for full details.

Full T&C's Apply

The maximum payouts may fluctuate based on the available promotions.

If you’re uncertain about the current maximum payout, remember to check.

What is the minimum withdrawal from Parimatch per day?

The minimum withdrawal is £5 at Parimatch, when using debit cards and e-wallets.

Below, you’ll discover the minimum withdrawal amounts for various Parimatch payment methods:

  • Debit cards – £5
  • Wire transfer – £100
  • Paypal – £10
  • Paysafecard account – £5
  • Apple pay deposit – £5

What is the maximum withdrawal from Parimatch per day?

The maximum withdrawal amount is £25,000 at Parimatch.

Parimatch Max Withdrawal

Parimatch Max Withdrawal is £25k
Parimatch Maximum Withdrawal

The maximum withdrawal amount is £25,000 at Parimatch. Each payment method at Parimatch has its own terms and withdrawal limits, none which exceed their max withdrawal of £25,000.

Full T&C's Apply

For each of the available payment options on Parimatch, you can find the maximum withdrawal limits listed below:

  • Debit cards – £20,000
  • Wire transfer – £25,000
  • Paypal – £5,500
  • Paysafecard account – £2,000
  • Apple pay deposit – £2,000

When you’re withdrawing funds, it’s essential to always verify the minimum and maximum withdrawal criteria to ensure your withdrawal request gets processed successfully.

What is the maximum deposit from Parimatch per day?

On the Parimatch platform, the highest allowable deposit amount using wire transfer is £5,000, while the lowest accepted deposit is £5.

For each available payment method on Parimatch, you can view the respective maximum deposit limits as follows:

  • Debit card – £5,000
  • Apple pay – £5,000
  • Google pay – £5,000
  • Paypal – £5,000
  • Paysafecard account – £770
  • Click to pay – £5,000
  • Wire transfer – £5,000

Whenever you intend to deposit funds, it is crucial to verify the minimum and maximum deposit criteria to ensure your deposit request is processed smoothly.

Does Parimatch accept credit cards?

Parimatch does indeed facilitate the use of credit cards for both depositing and withdrawing funds, specifically embracing Mastercard and Visa.

When you opt to deposit funds into your Parimatch account using a credit card, a 3% transaction fee will be incurred.

For cards originating in the UK, it may take up to 2 business days for the funds to reflect in your bank account, courtesy of Parimatch Casino.

All withdrawals from your Parimatch account will be identified as such on your bank statement.

Does Parimatch accept PayPal?

Parimatch offers the convenience of using Paypal for both online deposits and withdrawals.

Initiating a deposit into your Parimatch account via Paypal remains a swift and hassle-free process, devoid of any fees.

When it comes to withdrawing funds from your Parimatch account through Paypal, it typically takes approximately 24 hours.

A noteworthy benefit of using Paypal for withdrawals with Parimatch is that it ensures discreet transactions, keeping your bank statements free from any gambling-related entries.

This is one of the compelling reasons why numerous users opt for Paypal as their preferred e-wallet solution for managing their cash deposits and withdrawals.

Parimatch PayPal

Parimatch PayPal

Debit cards and PayPal payouts are processed within around 24 hours, which is relatively quick, but wire transfer withdrawals can take up to 5 business days. Parimatch UK is among the few sports betting sites that offer the PayPal online banking system.

Full T&C's Apply

Check out the list of the top PayPal bookies online.

What Other Payment Methods Do Parimatch Accept?

Parimatch accepts a number of payment methods available, some of these include:


Parimatch accepts Skrill as a practical option for processing deposits and withdrawals.

When adding funds to Parimatch via Skrill, a transaction fee of 1% is applied.

Transferring funds from Parimatch to Skrill usually completes within a 24-hour period.

All betting transactions conducted through Parimatch using Skrill will be reflected on your banking records.

A significant number of Parimatch users prefer Skrill for its efficient and expedient fund withdrawal capabilities.


Parimatch acknowledges Bitcoin for both depositing and withdrawing funds, standing out as one of the select bookies that recognize cryptocurrency as an accepted payment method.

When you transfer funds to Parimatch using Bitcoin, you’re not charged any transaction fees, though there may be a cost when you move Bitcoin out of your digital wallet.

Withdrawing your winnings from Parimatch through Bitcoin is efficient, usually reflecting in your account in less than 24 hours.

One advantage of using Bitcoin on is that it doesn’t show up on your bank statements.

Parimatch sets itself apart as a premier platform for using this digital currency, providing a seamless Bitcoin transaction experience for those seeking it.


Parimatch does accept Monzo for both depositing and withdrawing funds.

It should be noted that prior to depositing or withdrawing at Parimatch using Monzo, they have a feature to block gambling transactions, but this can be deactivated through the Monzo app.

There are no transaction fees when you deposit at Parimatch using Monzo.

The process of withdrawing funds from Parimatch via Monzo typically takes about 1-3 business days.

Transactions related to gambling made at Parimatch with Monzo will appear on your bank statements.

Customers of find Monzo a convenient option for funding their accounts or claiming their earnings.

Apple Pay

Parimatch accepts Apple Pay for swift deposits on iOS devices, providing UK bettors with a secure and easy option.

When transferring funds into Parimatch using Apple Pay, transaction charges might differ based on the card linked to your Apple Pay Wallet.

Withdrawing funds from Parimatch to Apple Pay could range from immediate when using a debit card to 1-5 days with e-wallets like Neteller or Skrill.

Gambling transactions conducted with Apple Pay on may show up on your bank statements, depending on your selected payment method.

Parimatch customers acknowledge Apple Pay as a dependable payment method.

Google Pay

Parimatch accepts Google Pay for quick and straightforward deposits.

Adding funds to Parimatch via Google Pay involves no charges.

Transfers from Parimatch to Google Pay are immediate, a feature much appreciated by numerous bettors who prefer the e-wallet.

Every betting transaction at Parimatch using Google Pay will be reflected in your bank records, which might be a drawback for certain gamblers.

Customers at consider Google Pay a perfect option for those desiring a fast and effortless payment method.


Parimatch accepts Neteller for both depositing and withdrawing funds.

Using Neteller for adding money to your Parimatch account comes with no transaction fee, a feature greatly appreciated by many gamblers for this digital wallet.

Taking money out from Parimatch using Neteller means the money shows up in your account in 1 to 2 days.

Experience the perks of immediate deposits, a minimum deposit requirement of only £10, and no fees for transactions.

Neteller withdrawals are almost immediate, getting processed in under 48 hours. With generous maximum win limits, minimal deposit amounts, and swift transactions, opting for Neteller at Parimatch is a smart choice!


Parimatch acknowledges Paysafecard as an authorised payment option.

There is no transaction fee when you withdraw from Parimatch using Paysafecard.

Withdrawals from the Parimatch website via Paysafecard are usually completed in under 24 hours.

The information on your Parimatch account needs to correspond with the details on your Paysafecard account.

Customers of throughout the UK acknowledge Paysafecard as a reliable method for accessing their earnings.


Parimatch does accept Starling for both deposit and withdrawal purposes.

Before engaging in betting with Parimatch using Starling, it’s crucial to recognize that, akin to Monzo, Starling offers an option to prohibit gambling transactions, which you can deactivate within the Starling banking application.

When you fund your Parimatch account via Starling, there is no charge for the transaction.

The process of transferring your earnings from Parimatch to your Starling account typically spans 1-5 business days.

It’s significant to acknowledge that all gambling transactions carried out through Parimatch using Starling will be evident in your bank statements, which might be a drawback for certain bettors.

Patrons of frequently mention that Starling ranks as one of the most straightforward and convenient methods for both depositing and withdrawing funds.

What Payment Methods Does Parimatch NOT Accept?

Even though Parimatch accepts a wide variety of payment methods there are still some payment options that are not yet accepted.

Some of these include:

  •  Bitcoin
  • Revolut
  • Amex – American Express
  • Phone Bill
  • Boku
  • EcoPayz
  • Ethereum
  • Payforit
  • Trustly
  • Mpesa
  • Naira

As of 2024 Parimatch does not accept these payment options for deposits and withdrawals, however this could change at any point.

Keep an eye on the Parimatch website for any further updates regarding the acceptance of these payment methods.

Why does Parimatch restrict bets on betting accounts?

Parimatch reserves the right to limit wagers on accounts that exhibit excessive winnings.

Additionally, restrictions may be applied to your betting activities if there is suspicion of multiple account ownership.

Creating more than one account to exploit welcome bonuses or offers for new customers is against Parimatch’s terms and conditions.

Engaging in such practices can lead to disciplinary actions, including potential suspension of accounts.

Furthermore, Parimatch may set limits on the minimum and maximum stakes you can place on bets.


Parimatch offers a broad selection of payment methods, characterized by swift banking processing times.

Commonly utilised payment options, such as Debit payments, Apple Pay, and Paysafecard, share similar attributes, including the absence of usage fees.

Previously, Parimatch supported credit cards, Neteller, and Skrill, but these options are no longer available.

Ensure to initiate withdrawal requests for any deposits within the specified processing timeframe.

If you’re placing bets from outside the United Kingdom, it’s important to verify the acceptance of Non-UK issued cards.

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