Longshot Horse Racing Tips

Are you looking for picks with enormous odds?

Long-shot picks allow you to land huge returns because they’re difficult to predict. Use our complete long-shot horse racing tips for help in picking winners.

We have a proven track record with David Dooley and other top-rated betting tipsters who make our predictions; join us with today’s long-shot bets below.

Today’s Best Long Shot Tips

Here are all of today’s best long-shot tips:

MeetingTimeNameBet Slip
Naas (IRE)16:30Chicago CriticAdd to BetSlip →
Newmarket (Rowley)17:45Warm SpellAdd to BetSlip →

What is a Long Shot Bet?

A long-shot bet is an unlikely winner with a low probability of winning but a huge payout. 

A longshot bet can be risky, with an unlikely chance of winning or placing, hence the enormous odds—many horseplayers like to place longshot bets due to the potential returns.

These high-risk picks are often the most exciting, with a substantial return available. The low chance of winning means it’s more complicated to pick out the long shots; use tips and strategies with our help to find your next longshot winner.

How to Choose Long Shot Bets

If you’re considering placing a longshot bet, doing homework on the horse and the race is essential. Pay attention to the horse’s recent performances, the race conditions, and the competition. With some research, you can give yourself a better chance of picking a winner and hitting it big.

Here are some of the things we take into consideration:

Declining Form

If there’s a reverse form from a horse that’s used to performing well but is experiencing some bad form, then you could get lucky as they return to their best.

Generally, we steer away from horses with bad form but if you’re getting a good price and believe they could bounce back, then a good horse experiencing a rough patch could be a good shout.

First Timers

First-timers are unknown quantities, and it can be difficult for the bookies to price them. Thus, they often come with great odds – it’s a risky bet, but with huge odds first-time jockeys or horses can be a great long shot.


If you get lucky enough to gain insight you can find out how well a particular horse or jockey has been doing in training.

Why Are Longshot Bets Popular?

Placing longshot bets is popular and much of that is down to the potential winnings. The thrill of predicting a longshot is more rewarding than backing a favourite.

Here are the advantages of long-shot bets:

  • Huge Odds: Long-shot picks come with large odds meaning big returns. If you want a big potential win amount then a long shot is for you.
  • Excitement: There’s nothing more exciting than predicting an outsider. Horses that aren’t expected to win are difficult to predict. This makes getting the pick right all more rewarding.
  • Supporting Local: Picking certain horses with big odds, means that you support local horse racing. You will be giving money to the industry and able to support local bookies, jockeys, owners and more.

Find other predictions with big odds using our horse racing tips – we have found outsider horse tips and we also offer dark horse tips.


Are There Free Long Shot Horse Racing Picks?

You can find free long shot picks using our long shot horse racing tips on this page, our experts find all of the best picks with great odds.

How Often Do Long Shot Horses Win?

Long shot horses don’t win often, hence the reason for the huge odds and potential returns.

According to Flat Turf there have been 26 wins from 9043 flat races with 100/1 odds in the last ten years, equating to under 0.3% resulting in winners.


Longshot bets are often seen as a gamble in the UK, as the odds of winning are usually relatively low. It is important to note that they offer the potential for a large payout. Free bets on a longshot is typically a high-risk, high-reward proposition, making this appealing to gamblers.

The odds of winning on a longshot are usually relatively low, but the payoff can be significant if the gamble is successful. Just be sure to set a budget and stick to it, as getting carried away with these bets can be easy to do.

If you are considering placing a longshot bet, it is important to do your research first. Look at the odds and compare them to the potential payouts to see if it is worth taking the risk.

Notably, before you place a longshot bet, you should carefully consider the odds and the potential payout. Compare the two to see if the risk is worth it. Setting a budget is a good idea if you decide to place a longshot bet. That way, you will stay focused and only spend what you can afford to lose.

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