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Our Double Bet Calculator allows you to calculate your potential winnings effortlessly.

A double bet is a two-part wager that combines two bets from separate events. To win, both selections must win, and your winnings are calculated from both events’ odds.

Input the odds of your selections using our Double Bet Calculator below and calculate your winnings:

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How to Use the Double Bet Calculator?

Calculate your winnings using our Double Bet Calculator with five simple steps:

  1. Enter Double in the dropdown of Bet Type
  2. Input whether it’s a win or eachway selection
  3. Enter the other required details
  4. Type the odds of both selections into the boxes and whether you have chosen a winner
  5. Enter the stake and your winnings will be calculated

Why Use a Double Bet Calculator?

Utilizing a double bet calculator leads to accurate and quick calculations. These calculations are essential for informed betting decisions. The betting calculator eliminates the risk of manual error in odds multiplication

The advantage of using a double bet calculator lies in its ability to handle the intricacies of compounded odds with precision and speed. This tool is invaluable for bettors, especially those new to double bets or dealing with varying odds formats. It ensures that you have a clear understanding of the potential outcome of your bet before you commit, allowing for more strategic and informed betting choices.

What is a Double Bet?

A double bet is two bets combined to make one – a double combines two selections from separate events, adding both odds and providing bigger returns than a single bet. Both picks on a double bet type must win to get a return.

Double bets are popular due to their simplicity and ease of use. You only need two wagers to place a double in this two-part betting selection.

How Many Bets Need to Win for a Return on a Double Bet?

In a double bet, both selections must win for you to receive a return—a single loss in either bet results in the loss of the entire stake.

To elaborate, the double bet is an all-or-nothing proposition. This makes it more challenging than a single bet, as your chances of winning are contingent on the success of not one, but two selections.

This requirement for both bets to succeed creates the potential for higher returns, but it also significantly raises the stakes, making careful selection and risk assessment crucial.

How are Double Bets Calculated?

Double bets are calculated by multiplying the odds of the two selections and then multiplying this figure with the stake. This compound calculation enhances potential returns.

The calculation behind a double bet involves first determining the combined odds. This is done by multiplying the odds of the first selection by the odds of the second. The result is then multiplied by the stake amount.

This process of combining odds results in a higher potential return than placing two separate single bets, as the return from the first selection is effectively ‘reinvested’ into the second selection, compounding the total return. However, this also makes the calculation more complex, hence the usefulness of a double bet calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Advantage of a Double Bet?

The advantage of a double bet is that they’re easy to understand, are far less risk than other multi-bets and have bigger returns than single bets.

Double bets come with more risk than a single, with both selections needing to win, but the returns are bigger, thanks to the combined odds.

What Sports Can I Place Double Bets on?

Here are just a few of the sports you can use for double bets:

  • Horse Racing
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Tennis

There are countless sports available to bet on, and you can place a double on almost all of them, check your bookmaker to see what betting markets are available.

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