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Here is a selection of the best each-way bets for today’s horse racing.

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What Is An Each Way Bet?

In horse racing, an each way bet is a wager in which the bettor backs a horse to win or place.

If the horse wins, the bettor collects both the win and place payoff; if the horse finishes second or third, the bettor only collects the place payoff.

An each way bet is two bets in one, costing twice as much as a straight win bet.

Bookmakers offer an attractive alternative to win bets through each-way wagers. These consist of a winning bet and a place bet.

Regarding the return on the win bet, for such a result, the selection must finish in one of the predetermined places set by the bookmaker (i.e., first, second or third place).

In return for higher chances of success, such a wager usually pays out lower odds than what’s paid on a winning bet, typically 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 or even 1/5.

Regarding UK horse racing, the standings are decided solely by The Jockey Club and depend on the number of participants in a given race.

For instance – entries into Grand National may be paid with up to 1/4th or even 1/5th of their original odds if they take either first & second or first, second & third place accordingly.

It offers players an increased rate of success with reduced paybacks.

Why Is Each Way Betting So Popular?

Each-way betting is a popular wagering option that offers value to punters because rather than risking the total stake on one potential outcome, this bet allows you to split your total stake between two outcomes: win or place.

Both horse racing and greyhound markets provide opportunities to take advantage of each-way bets.

This strategy involves placing two bets on the same selection divided across different categories, with one bet placed at fixed odds and the other to a place market.

Each way betting allows for good returns in exchange for relatively little risk, making it an attractive betting choice.

Depending on the number of participants in the race and other related factors, it offers creative strategies when planning how to lay down your bets.

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How Much Does An Each Way Bet Cost?

The cost of each way bet is double that of a regular bet, as you are placing two bets.

In that regard, if you are interested in placing a £15 each-way bet, you will be required to put in a £30 stake.

It is important to note that each way bet is a bet that covers both the potential outcomes of an event.

For example, in horse racing, an each-way bet would be a bet on a horse to win and a bet on the horse to come in first, second, or third.

Is An Each Way Bet Worth It?

There are two critical questions that every bettor needs to ask themselves before placing an each-way bet. The questions include:

Will you at least break even if your selection places?

It is essential to consider the win and place odds for your selection if you are thinking about making an each-way bet, as you may end up with a negative return if the place odds are lower than evens (1/1).

To ascertain the break-even point for this type of betting, all you need to do is discover and invert the each-way fraction. For example, a fifth of each-way fraction requires minimum odds of 5/1.

Are there enough places to make an each-way bet worthwhile?

When betting on horse racing, keeping the number of runners in a race and the each-way terms in mind when determining the potential payout for an each-way bet is important.

For example, eight to 15-runner races typically offer payouts for three places for each-way bets.

In an eight-runner race, your wager must beat five competitors to place, while in a 15-runner one, it must finish ahead of 12 opponents.

It’s essential to consider this before making a bet since the total number of runners and respective each-way terms can determine the attractiveness of a particular wager.

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