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We give all our members the best betting tips on dark horses and outsiders. Find the dark horse in today’s races with our tips on bets of 10/1 and more. Our tips are based on what we’ve studied through analysis, form and insider knowledge.

Improve your chances of winning with our advice – whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting, we simplify finding hidden gems with these outsider tips.

Dark Horse Tips for Today’s Racing

Find your dark horse tip with our best tips below:

MeetingTimeNameBet Slip
Aintree17:15Go DanteAdd to BetSlip →
Dundalk (IRE)20:15Sky LegendAdd to BetSlip →
Southwell20:00Sir GabrialAdd to BetSlip →

Pick from our outsider tips with today’s horse racing. You will find lots of different dark horse picks across various british racecourses.

What Is A Dark Horse Bet?

A dark horse bet is a wager placed on a horse with a low chance of winning a race. These are outsider picks that are of odds that are 10/1 or more. This allows you to land huge wins with fantastic odds.

This is a common way to characterise a horse not widely considered a favourite for victory but has shown signs of improvement in recent races or benefits from favourable conditions.

In the event of a successful wager on a “dark horse”, the reward is oftentimes significantly more than the other horses in the race. This is because the odds of the dark horse winning are much lower than the odds of the favourites.

This type of bet is often seen as risky, as there is no guarantee that the horse will win, and the chance could result in a loss.

Dark horse bets are usually placed on horses that are not well known, have not been raced before, or have yet to be successful in recent races.

What Are The Advantages Of Dark Horse Betting?

A few possible benefits to betting on a dark horse in a horse race exist; it could even improve your stats in betting.

Higher Odds

Dark horse betting can offer higher odds than betting on the favourite. This means you can get a bigger payout if you win your bet.

Bookmakers often offer greater odds on “dark horses,” or underdogs, because of the consensus that they have a lower chance of winning the smart bets. If the horse wins, the bettor stands to make more money in a success play.

Potential for Bigger Payouts

As mentioned above, dark horse betting can lead to bigger payouts if you win as you game watch live streaming. This is because the odds are better than betting on the favourite.

Lower Risk

Dark horse betting is generally a lower-risk option in race stats than betting on the favourite. The favourite is expected to win, and the dark horse is an underdog.

Less Pressure

When betting on the favourite, smart bets feel less pressured to win your bet. With dark horse betting, you can relax and enjoy the race without feeling the same pressure.

More Fun

Dark horse betting adds a new dynamic to the race. It adds more excitement and generally makes the event more fun for those watching.

Less Crowded

When betting on the favourite, the odds are usually crowded with people trying to win their bet. Dark horse betting makes the field less crowded, allowing you to make your bet without worrying about the competition.

Opportunity to Learn

Dark horse betting is a great way to learn more about horse racing. You can learn more about the horses, their jockeys, and the track.

Potential for Profit

Although dark horse betting is less reliable than betting on a favourite, it can still lead to a profit. You can find dark horses that offer great payouts with the proper research.


Betting on the favourite can become repetitive. With dark horse betting, you can bet on different horses and add a mixture to your betting experience.

Keep in mind that there are dangers associated with betting on an underdog.

There’s a good reason why they are considered lower odds to win; you stand a better chance of losing your money if you play with them. Always bet within your means and the limits of your discretionary income.

How We Select Our Dark Horse Tips

In horse racing, picking a dark horse bet requires careful consideration of several variables, such as the form of the horse, the history of the jockey and trainer, the quality of the track, and the length of the race.

Some of the criteria we use to pick a long shot are as follows:

Horses Potential

The first step is to assess the horse’s potential and compare it to the competition. This includes looking at its past performance, current form, and other relevant data.

Race Conditions

The second step is to analyse the race conditions, such as the distance of the race, the number of horses competing, the track conditions, and so on.

Study the Jockey

Step 3 is to study the jockey and trainer of the horse and assess their experience and record of accomplishment. Form study is an integral aspect of making a pick. We are experienced tipsters offering knowledgeable picks on race cards.

Analyse the Odds

Step 4 examines the odds and compares them to the other horses in the race. A dark horse tip comes with big odds and should pay back significantly more than other picks.

Monitor the Race Itself

Finally, step five is to monitor the race and adjust the chance if necessary.

Considering these variables, you can reduce your options to a handful of probable dark horse picks and boost your chances of earning substantial money.


Betting on horse races successfully involves careful thought and examination of many elements. In particular, the track’s quality, the horse’s history, and the jockey’s expertise all play a role in determining the winner.

Bettors who grasp the idea of “dark horses” have an advantage in weighing their options.

Bettors can increase their odds of winning and find more success in the thrilling world of horse racing by remembering these tips and methods.

By locating the most excellent sources of recommendations for Dark Horse wagers, you can make informed choices and improve your chances of winning.

Check out our suggestions and Dark Horse advice on this page for more.

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