Livescore Bet Payment Methods

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Explore diverse payment options, from credit cards to e-wallets and cryptocurrencies, understanding their pros and cons.

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How do I withdraw money from LiveScore Bet?

To initiate a withdrawal from your LiveScore Bet account, follow these steps:

  1. Log In: Sign in to your LiveScore Bet account using your username and password.
  2. Access Withdrawal Section: Head to the “Withdrawal” or “Cashier” section within your account settings.
  3. Select Withdrawal Method: Choose your preferred withdrawal method, such as bank transfers or e-wallets.
  4. Specify Withdrawal Amount: Enter the amount you intend to withdraw, making sure it meets any minimum requirements.
  5. Complete Identity Verification: Fulfill any identity verification steps that may be necessary, including the submission of identification documents.
  6. Submit Withdrawal Request: After providing the required information, submit your withdrawal request.
  7. Wait for Processing: Allow the platform to process your withdrawal request. Processing times may vary based on the withdrawal method and the platform’s policies.

Verify Transaction in Your Account: Once processed, confirm the transfer of funds to your chosen withdrawal method, such as your bank account.

What is the Maximum Withdrawal at Livescore?

The maximum withdrawal amount at Livescore is £20k when using debit cards and popular e-wallets.

Here are the max withdrawals at Livescore by payment method:

  • Visa Debit: Mastercard, Maestro & Electron – £20,000
  • PayPal – £20,000
  • Bank Transfer – £20,000
  • Visa Fast Funds – £20,000

LiveScore Bet Maximum Withdrawal

Livescore Max Withdrawal is £20,000
LiveScore Bet Maximum Withdrawal has a maximum withdrawal of £20,000 using Visa Debit or PayPal.

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What is the Maximum Payout at Livescore on a Single Bet?

The maximum payout is £1 million at Livescore for sports betting.

LiveScore Bet Max Payout

Livescore Max Payout is £1 million
LiveScore Bet Maximum Payout has a maximum payout of £1 million. Max payouts vary by sport and competition with top tier sports having a bigger win cap at the bookmakers. The Livescore rules and regulations state their maximum payouts.

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Win caps are standard practice at betting sites and limit the amount a bookmaker will pay on a winning bet. Livescore’s biggest payout is available on football and horse racing.

Max payouts vary depending on the sport and competition.

What is the Minimum Deposit at Livescore?

The minimum deposit is £10 at Livescore Bet using Visa Debit and e-wallets.

LiveScore Bet Minimum Deposit

Livescore Minimum Deposit is £10
LiveScore Bet Minimum Deposit

Livescore Bet’s minimum deposit is £10 using either Visa Debit or PayPal. Minimum deposits vary by payment method. Please gamble responsibly.

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You cannot deposit less than £10 at Livescore and you’re not charged for transactions. The lowest amount for all payment methods is ten pound.

What is the Maximum Deposit at Livescore Bet?

The maximum deposit at Livescore Bet is £20,000 using Visa and PayPal.

There aren’t many deposit methods at Livescore but both payment options have a generous max deposit of £20k.

Does Livescore Bet accept PayPal?

LiveScore supports PayPal as a payment option for both depositing and withdrawing funds.

Withdrawals processed through PayPal on LiveScore are usually nearly instant.

Utilizing PayPal for deposits on LiveScore does not result in any transaction fees, which is a considerable advantage for many punters.

Furthermore, betting on LiveScore with PayPal offers the benefit of concealing gambling transactions from your bank statements.

LiveScore Bet PayPal

LiveScore Bet PayPal currently accepts debit cards and PayPal as a method of payment. PayPal Holdings Inc. is a popular choice for sports bettors to make online transactions via a digital wallet

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Check out the list of the best-rated PayPal online betting websites in 2024.

Does LiveScore accept Skrill?

Livescore Bet does not accept Skrill as a payment method.

Skrill, a digital wallet provider and online payment service, is widely recognized for enabling transactions and online money transfers across the internet.

It is frequently utilized for various online activities, such as online shopping, forex trading, and gaming transactions.

Skrill users have the capability to send and receive funds, store cards, link bank accounts, and access a variety of payment services through a single account. However, this payment option is not supported by Livescore Bet.

Does Livescore Accept Neteller?

LiveScore supports Neteller as a payment option.

Depositing funds into LiveScore using Neteller does not entail any transaction fees.

Withdrawals processed via Neteller on LiveScore may take 1-3 days to be credited to your bank account.

It’s essential to be aware that when you use Neteller for betting on LiveScore, your gambling transactions will be evident on your bank statements.

Does LiveScore accept Amex?

Livescore Bet does not accept American Express (Amex) as a valid payment method.

While many betting sites do accept Amex for payments, it’s important to note that Livescore Bet does not accept payments from American Express or Amex gift cards.

If you are interested in using Amex for betting, you may want to explore other betting websites in the UK to see if they currently accept Amex as a payment option.

Does Livescore accept Apple Pay?

Livescore Bet does not support Apple Pay as a payment method.

Apple Pay is a widely used payment option, particularly among iOS users, known for its security and convenience for online transactions. However, it is not available for use at Livescore Bet.

Does LiveScore Bet accept Phone Bill?

Livescore Bet does not permit payments made through Phone Bill.

If you are looking to deposit money using your telephone bill as a payment method, you may want to explore other betting websites that offer this option. You can visit their best pay-by-phone betting websites page for more information and alternatives.

Does LiveScore accept Bitcoin?

Livescore Bet does not accept Bitcoin or any other form of cryptocurrency as a payment method.

If you prefer to use cryptocurrency for depositing or withdrawing funds, please be aware that this option is not available at Livescore Bet. However, there are numerous alternative payment options provided for your convenience.

Does LiveScore accept Revolut?

Livescore offers the option to use Revolut for both depositing and withdrawing funds.

Withdrawals from Livescore through Revolut may require 1-3 working days for processing.

When adding funds to your Livescore account via Revolut, you can generally expect no transaction fees.

However, it’s worth mentioning that utilizing Revolut for betting on Livescore may lead to the appearance of gambling transactions on your bank statements, which could be viewed as a drawback by certain bettors.

Does Livescore accept Monzo?

LiveScore offers Monzo as a valid payment option.

Withdrawals from LiveScore using Monzo may take 1-3 working days to process.

Normally, there are no transaction fees associated with depositing funds into LiveScore using Monzo.

However, it’s essential to note that if you choose Monzo for betting on LiveScore, your gambling transactions will be recorded on your bank statements.

Does Livescore accept Boku?

LiveScore Bet does not accept Boku as a payment gateway.

They continually assess their payment methods, and any updates or changes will be confirmed shortly.

Boku is a mobile payment system that allows users to pay for goods and services using their mobile phone number.

Does LiveScore Bet accept ecoPayz?

LiveScore Bet does not support EcoPayz as a payment method.

As EcoPayz is associated with MasterCard, there should generally be no hindrance to using it for depositing and withdrawing funds from your betting account.

Does LiveScore accept Google Pay?

Livescore Bet does not permit the use of Google Pay as a payment method.

Google Pay is a preferred payment option for numerous Android users seeking secure online transactions. However, it is not an accepted method of payment at Livescore Bet.

Does Livescore accept Starling?

Livescore Bet accepts payments through Starling Bank.

When depositing your funds with Starling Bank, you can usually expect no additional charges.

Withdrawals, when betting on Livescore with Starling, may require up to 3 working days to process.

However, one downside of using Starling Bank for betting on Livescore is that gambling transactions tend to be visible on your bank statements.

Does Livescore accept Trustly?

Livescore Bet does not support Trustly for both deposits and withdrawals.

Numerous other betting websites offer Trustly as a payment option, which you can explore online.

If you wish to bet on Livescore, you will need to choose an alternative payment method.

Does Livescore accept Paysafecard?

LiveScore does not accept the use of Paysafecard as a payment option.

Paysafecard, being a prepaid online payment gateway, is not compatible with placing bets on Livescore.

If you have a preference for using Paysafecard for payments, you may want to consider visiting leading websites that allow Paysafecard for betting payments.

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