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Quickly calculate your Trixie Bet winnings with our full betting tool.

Our Trixie Bet Calculator makes working out the odds and potential returns easy; use our total calculator to calculate how much you could win and how many bet selections you need to win for a return.

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How to Use a Trixie Bet Calculator

A Trixie bet calculator assists in calculating returns from a combination of four bets across three selections.

  1. Select ‘Trixie’ as the Bet Type: This configures the calculator for Trixie bet calculations.
  2. Enter the Odds for Each Selection: Input the odds for your three chosen selections.
  3. Input Your Stake: Specify your stake for each of the four bets, not just the total.
  4. Adjust Optional Settings: Modify settings like ‘each way’, if applicable to your bet.
  5. Calculate Potential Returns: The calculator shows potential returns after processing the inputs.
  6. Review the Results: It gives a detailed view of possible winnings, factoring in the different combinations of doubles and a treble.

This tool simplifies the complex calculations involved in a Trixie bet, making it accessible for bettors at all levels.

Why Use a Trixie Bet Calculator?

Using a Trixie bet calculator is crucial for accurately determining potential winnings.

The calculator eases the complexity of understanding returns from multiple bet combinations. By entering the odds and stakes, you receive a clear and concise breakdown of potential returns for each part of the Trixie bet. This clarity is invaluable, especially in Trixie bets where multiple outcomes determine the total return.

Its speed and precision in calculating the intertwined outcomes of doubles and a treble make the Trixie bet calculator an indispensable tool for informed betting.

What is a Trixie Bet?

A Trixie bet is a combination wager consisting of four bets from three different selections.

This bet type includes three doubles and one treble. At least two selections must win to secure a return, making it a popular choice for those seeking a balance between risk and potential return.

How Many Bets Need to Win for a Return on a Trixie Bet?

For a return on a Trixie bet, at least two of the three selections must win.

This minimum requirement is due to the structure of the Trixie bet, which includes doubles. The more selections that win, the higher the potential return, but one winning selection is not enough for a return.

How are Trixie Bets Calculated?

Trixie bet returns are calculated by combining the outcomes of the doubles and the treble.

The returns from each successful double and the treble (if all selections win) are calculated by multiplying the odds with the stake. This method sums up the total potential winnings, showcasing the strategic nature of Trixie bets in balancing risk and reward.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Winner Do You Need For a Return of a Trixie?

A minimum of 2 winners are required when you place a Trixie to get a return. No Single bets are placed in a Trixie, unlike the Patent which is a Trixie Bet plus the additional 3 Single Bets.

How is a Trixie Bet Calculated?

A Trixie Bet is comprised of 3 doubles and a treble. The return is then determined by summing all the winnings for each of the 4 bets. The quickest method we would suggest to working out your winnings is to head over to our Trixie Bet Calculator.

How Much is a Trixie Bet?

A Trixie Bet consists of 4 bets of equal stakes. To figure out how much you would need, you need to multiply your desired stage by the number of bets. For example, a bet size of £1 would result in a Trixie size of £4.

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