Bookmaker’s Maximum Payouts

Maximum payouts can be frustrating and sometimes confusing, yet they’re an important facet of every online bookmaker.

That’s why we’ve created an expert guide on bookmaker maximum payouts, finding you the highest paying bookies and their limits on single bet winnings.

Each bookmaker has a max payout limit on wins and it’s important that you’re aware of them. Read on for details on maximum payout bookies, payout limits for each sport, and what you should look for in the best maximum payout betting sites.

Why is the Maximum Payout Important?

Maximum payout determines the upper financial limit a bookmaker will pay on winning bets, guiding punters in managing expectations and potential winnings effectively.

Choosing a bookmaker with a high maximum payout is crucial for serious bettors aiming for significant wins. This limit impacts overall betting strategies, prompting bettors to select platforms that can potentially offer higher returns without compromising on the payout in case of a win.

A maximum payout limit means that your wins can be capped, for instance – if you won an accumulator with returns of £5,000,000 but the bookmaker’s maximum payout was £1,000,000, then your wins will be capped at the latter and you will be paid £1 million in winnings.

Which Bookmaker has the Biggest Maximum Payout?

Bet365 and William Hill offer the highest maximum payout, reaching up to £2,000,000 on single football bets, setting a benchmark in the industry.

This level of payout surpasses most competitors, making Bet365 a prime choice for bettors focused on high-stake football betting markets. The substantial payout potential attracts both casual and serious punters who pursue large-scale winnings.

The Maximum Payout of Each Bookmaker

Find the maximum payout limit for each bookmaker:

  • William Hill has a maximum payout limit of £2 million, available on football markets.
  • Bet365 has a max payout of £2 million for football bets.
  • Betfair has a maximum win cap of £1 million with their maximum payout per bet.
  • Betfred’s highest payout is £1 million and this is for their football and horse racing bets.
  • Coral will payout up to £1 million for top-tier football and specific racing meets.
  • Ladbrokes has the biggest payout of £1 million on specific markets.
  • Paddy Power has a big max payout of £1 million.
  • Boylesports has a max payout of £500k.
  • BetVictor has a maximum payout of £500k for football and £250k for horse racing markets.
  • Betway’s highest payout is £500k and £250k for horse racing fixtures.
  • Sky Bet has a £500k max payout, although it’s £250k for certain horse racing markets.
  • Unibet’s maximum payout limit is set to £250,000 on a single bet.

Bookmaker’s Maximum Payout by Sport

Maximum payouts can significantly differ across various sports, reflecting the betting volume and risk associated with each. Football and horse racing markets usually come with the biggest maximum payout available.

Football Max Payout of £2 Million

Football commands the highest maximum payouts, with Bet365 and William Hill offering up to £2,000,000.

These high limits cater to football bettors’ needs during major competitions such as the FA Cup and the Premier League, providing substantial winning opportunities for those betting on football.

Always check the football markets for maximum payout terms and conditions.

Horse Racing Maximum Payout of £1 Million

Horse Racing features significant payout caps, with major bookmakers like William Hill and Bet365 offering up to £1,000,000.

This payout level supports the high-stakes nature of horse racing betting, particularly during prestigious races where large amounts of money are wagered.

Golf’s Maximum Payout is £500,000

Golf sees a lower maximum payout, with the top cap at Bet365 and Betfred being £500,000.

Golf’s payout limits reflect the betting patterns and risks associated with this sport, accommodating bettors who partake in wagering on major tournaments like the Ryder Cup and the Majors.

Darts has a Max Payout of £250,000

Darts offers up to £250,000 in maximum payouts at bookmakers like Bet365, catering to a niche but enthusiastic betting community.

This cap suits the sport’s market size and betting volume, ensuring that bookmakers can offer competitive odds and payouts that are attractive to darts enthusiasts.

Things to Consider about Max Payout Sites

There are different factors to consider when picking out maximum payout sites. There are different max payouts depending on the sport, and you’ll also want to check the bookmaker as a whole.

Sports Betting Markets

Maximum payouts on a single bet depends on each sport. You can enjoy maximum payouts of up to £2 million for football markets but when compared to other sports, the highest payout is significantly less.

Check out the different maximum payouts per sport before committing to your favourite max payout betting site.

Withdrawal Times

Although not related, withdrawal times and payment methods are an important factor when picking a site. We prefer fast paying bookies, offering your winnings and withdrawals quickly.

Reputation & Licensing

We don’t believe in picking sites solely based on the maximum payout, it’s also integral to checking the reputation. This means checking reviews and ensuring they are licensed with the UK Gambling Commission.

Competitive Odds

It’s great to have high payout limits but we also look for competitive odds on our favourite markets. Check the horse racing odds across different festivals and markets.

Our Top Maximum Payout Bookmakers

This level of payout surpasses most competitors, making Bet365 a prime choice for bettors focused on high-stake football betting markets. The substantial payout potential attracts both casual and serious punters who pursue large-scale winnings.

Bet365: Leading in Maximum Payouts

Bet365 secures its position as a top bookmaker with maximum payouts reaching £2,000,000 for football. This high cap caters to high-stakes bettors, offering significant winning potential across a variety of sports.

Bet365 is renowned for its comprehensive coverage and competitive odds, enhancing the betting experience for both new and seasoned punters. The platform’s user-friendly interface and extensive market options make it an ideal choice for those seeking lucrative betting opportunities.

William Hill: High Limits and Comprehensive Markets

William Hill matches the high maximum payout of £2,000,000 for football, making it a preferred choice for serious football bettors. It also offers up to £1,000,000 for horse racing, accommodating high stakes and providing extensive market coverage.

Known for its long-standing reputation and robust customer service, William Hill offers a seamless betting experience with diverse sports options and reliable payment methods, ensuring a trustworthy environment for all bettors.

Ladbrokes: Reliable Payouts and Diverse Betting Options

Ladbrokes offers a maximum payout of £1,000,000 for football and horse racing, appealing to punters who prefer these popular sports. The bookmaker combines high payout limits with a broad array of betting markets and competitive odds.

Ladbrokes is distinguished by its user-friendly platform and strong focus on customer satisfaction, providing punters with efficient service and a variety of betting opportunities across multiple sports.

Coral: Competitive Payouts and Rich Market Variety

Coral provides a maximum payout of £1,000,000 for football and horse racing, positioning it well within the top tier of bookmakers for maximum payouts. It offers a balanced approach with competitive betting limits and a wide range of markets.

Coral excels in delivering a vibrant betting atmosphere with regular promotions and bonuses that enhance the value of bets and improve the overall user experience. Its focus on major sporting events ensures that bettors have access to top betting opportunities.

Betfred: High Stakes and Early Payouts

Betfred’s maximum payout stands at £1,000,000 for football and horse racing, catering to high-stakes bettors. It is particularly noted for its early payout offers, which add an exciting dimension to betting.

Betfred combines generous payout limits with a commitment to customer satisfaction, offering a dynamic betting environment where punters can enjoy early wins and competitive odds across a range of sports and events.


What's the most a bookies can pay out?

The most a bookmaker can pay is £2 million, with Bet365 and William Hill offering the biggest win limits.

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